Parks and play areas live at the heart of family time within our communities. That’s why we pride ourselves on the commitment we’ve proven over the past few decades to helping municipalities throughout the Southeast develop landscaped parks, multi-purpose play areas, athletic parks and more.

Through our planning and design, DRG has been able to maximize the potential of each project by developing parks that balance recreational opportunities with the natural environment. Our skilled team of engineers is known for its in-depth experience with sustainably driven planning, ecologically focused design, local environmental concerns, native wildlife, management of invasive species, and the communities surrounding each recreational design project that will provide both functionality and enjoyment to the public.

DRG will be with you every step of the way – even help you host public meetings, apply for and receive the required permits and create any informational materials that will educate the public and build community support of the new facility. We have a long history working with municipal governments to plan, design, manage and coordinate major public projects and programs.