The retail market is a highly competitive one, which means that flexibility and confident decision-making are key to delivering a successful development project. DRG has a proven history of getting retailers into their building space as quickly as possible, maneuvering our clients through any market variables, building requirement changes, and budget updates and more as quickly as possible.

How? Our team of engineering and surveying professionals at DRG – some of the best in the field – employ a fast-paced, efficient process that focuses on maintaining quality control and confidential communication along the way to achieve our client’s goals and exceed their expectations. We listen to our client’s vision, whether it’s building a new construction project or transforming an existing retail space; we quickly adjust to any changes and challenges during the process and relay the best options to our client; we are programmed to use nothing less than the greatest attention to detail every step of the way with complete dedication to our client; and we are committed to keeping each client’s best interest, schedule, confidentiality and vision as our top priority.

DRG’s consulting, engineering and surveying services for our commercial retail clients, ranging from free-standing boutiques to large retail centers to business and industrial parks, include: