You need a consultant beside you in your development project that you can trust to execute every detail with experienced finesse along every step of the way for a successful outcome. And you will find that consultant here at DRG. 

It’s the kind of effective leadership, rooted in a respected partnership with each of our clients, that you can expect throughout the life of your project and beyond. Our consultants offer logical, real-world, cost-effective solutions to challenges in the development process, from the initial concept to the project’s closing.

We know each client’s specific needs and requirements are uniquely different, and we’re prepared to mitigate any problems that may arise. We also know that return on investment is each client’s top priority, along with maximizing the value of your property, which begins with quality design, and continues with permitting approval on time, and an overall successful project execution. The right consultant will anticipate and navigate through the unexpected problems, such as environmental protection, transportation issues, topography and buffering requirements and roadblocks from local jurisdictions.


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