There are hundreds of restaurants open for business in our tourist destination of Myrtle Beach, many that we had a hand in serving up our engineering and surveying services for, from local full-service dining to quick-service restaurants, even before they served their first entrée. 

At DRG, our vast food service knowledge and experience aligns with the best designs and solutions for restaurant spaces, with a focus on customer flow, food prep equipment and appliances, proper electrical and ventilation design, safety code requirements and more. We understand the competitive hospitality industry and the challenging environment in which restaurateurs work, and want to grow and succeed.

From engineering to surveying, our team of experts use state-of-the-art equipment combined with a proven process of success, from planning to construction, that has resulted in a responsive turnaround for hundreds of clients. That’s because we believe in establishing strong relationships, maintaining clear communication, and committing to demonstrating a reliable performance. 

For each project, we strive to: serve as a valuable resource in this industry for our clients, respond to our client’s needs and deadlines, anticipate what is next and adjust if it’s what is best for our client, be as efficient as possible at the most exceptional value.