To secure long-term value for your property, you need an expert who will guide you through the lengthy, complex entitlements process and approvals needed to ensure the success of your project. It’s our connections and successful relationships with local municipalities and decision-makers that set us apart from other firms. The trust built through these long-time relationships allows our team at DRG to quickly resolve any issues and keep a project on track.

It’s vital to be proactive, armed with successful entitlement strategies and responsive consulting, throughout the entitlement process. When our DRG entitlement experts are in control, we will: optimize future rights and flexibility, reduce litigation risks, and minimize development constraints. This results in faster approvals, less denials, larger developable areas, lower legal and construction costs and a better bottom line. It’s a win-win scenario. 

Step 1

Identify specific goals and objectives by consulting with our planning staff

Step 2

Prepare specific entitlement plans by determining the best course of action for your specific project, i.e., annexation, Environmental Impact Report, rezoning, planned development permit and more.

Step 3

Plan submittal and review, once potential issues, zoning and development limitations have been reviewed.

Step 4

Hearing. We’ll work with government officials to mediate acceptable solutions.

Step 5

Appeal period, if needed.

Step 6

Entitlement is granted. Once approved, our team of consultants will actively manage the team to make sure all deliverables are completed and submitted as agreed.

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